5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Sofa

There are multiple factors to consider when buying a sofa, but most people get all caught up in fabric and color choices. While those are certainly important, they’re not the only things to focus on. Below are a few considerations to make when purchasing a sofa.

How Big is the Room?

This seems like an obvious point from which to start, but it’s very easy to forget when there’s the perfect deal available. Before heading out or going online, be sure to keep the room’s measurements on hand for easy reference.

How Many People Will be Seated?

This isn’t to say that, if the living room holds eight people, to buy a sofa that big. First, decide how many will be seated in the room, and then see where chairs can go for additional seating. Some buyers may want something smaller than they’d originally wanted, which will allow them to make better use of their space.

Can it Be Moved to Another Location?

Smaller spaces typically only have one room styling option, but larger rooms can typically be rearranged into multiple locations. If a buyer considers a longer sofa or a non-modular sectional, they may be limiting themselves to just one or two possible room layouts.

How Tall Does it Look?

One of the most recent trends in room design is to pull the furniture away from the walls to allow traffic to flow freely. When considering it, think about the fact that the sofa may obstruct visitors’ views into other spaces. Although it may be in the middle of the room, having a sofa blocking the view into another room may make the space seem smaller than it really is.

How Will it Be Used?

Sofas last for many years, which means they’re subject to all sorts of abuse and use. Some families are into binge-watching their favorite shows, and they need something that won’t have a permanent groove after a week or two. Others are looking for sofas that can stand up to kids, pets, and everything else life may bring.

The best sofa shopping advice is to buy the highest-quality piece that’s affordable. After all, a good sofa only becomes great if it allows people to move about the room when they need to, and to socialize when they want to. Buyers can view reviews online to help them find the right sofa for their needs.