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Benefits of Digital Interviews

Digital interviews are a way of talking or assessing a candidate over a phone, computer, or tablet through the internet as an additional interviewing channel instead of meeting the individual face to face. The interviewing alternative seems like a less personal option, but companies have embraced it primarily for the first interviewing stages. Organizations prefer this strategy especially for internal hiring. Digital online interviewing has enabled businesses to meet with potential candidates from any location. It adds a personal touch to the initial screening process. The following are advantages of digital interviews.

Digital interviews provide a better recruitment experience for employer and candidates. The candidates get a chance to learn more about an enterprise before traveling for the physical interview. The option also allows the entity to meet the candidate adequately in a more personal way than over the phone. The recruitment procedure helps a company to look at the right position to fix a potential employee and improve the hiring efficiency. Digital interviews help a business to interact with many candidates and use time efficiently, making the process march effective and faster, from when applications are submitted to the interviewing and placement procedures.

The method makes it possible for a firm to interview people from all over the world. The online alternative is ideal when involving candidates who come from abroad and who might have to pay a large amount of money to get to your premises for the initial interview. It makes it easy for the candidate and employer especially when both do not know if the role is fit for the applicant. When applicants are aware that they can use the digital interview during the first interaction with the company, it is evident that many candidates apply for the position. The hiring firms ensure that the digital interviewing option has an app where a candidate can log on from their phone or tablet wherever they are to take part in an interview.

Majority of the hiring organization will first carry out phone interviews to access the right candidates for the company. If the interviewing panel are able to see an applicant via the online interview the procedure gives both parties a more personal touch making the candidate more comfortable and they get a feel for the enterprise. The online video interview is less nerve-racking for the applicant, and therefore majority of them interview better in this initial stage than they would in a face-to-face interview. In most cases the initial screening process tends to be tiresome to many candidates. Candidates will be more confident for the next interview stages because they feel a connection with you after the online screening process.

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