Top Tips for Yard Maintenance to Make Your Yard Look Amazing

Mowing the yard is something almost every homeowner needs to do. When the yard isn’t looking as green as the homeowner wants, it could be because they’re making a mistake when they’re mowing. Check out these mowing tips to make sure the yard is going to look great throughout the year.

Choose the Right Lawn Mower

The right lawn mower can make all the difference. Choose a newer model that’s designed to cut properly. Now, there are plenty of different options for those who are looking for a new lawn mower, including battery-operated options. This means no more messing with gas or dealing with fumes and smoke while mowing, just charge the battery and start mowing the lawn.

Avoid Mowing the Grass Too Short

Know the type of grass in the yard and how high it should be, then avoid cutting it lower than this. Some grasses can be kept lower than the others. Cutting it too short means it’s easier for weeds to grow and means the grass may be more vulnerable to temperature changes. The height of the grass helps keep the ground at a more stable temperature to protect the roots from the sunlight.

Only Mow When the Grass is Dry

When the grass is wet, it tends to lean over when being mowed, meaning there may be patches where the grass is cut unevenly. Also, when it has just rained, the cut grass is going to tend to clump together more. This leads to needing to clean the lawnmower and can mean the cut grass isn’t used to mulch the yard.

Mulch When Mowing

The roots for the grass should be fully covered to protect them from the sunlight. As the yard is mowed, use the grass clippings to mulch the yard. This helps protect the roots and adds nutrients back into the soil, helping the grass grow healthier and look a lot better.

Follow the tips here to help your grass grow better and make your yard look better. Check out more Yard Maintenance tips today to learn more about caring for your yard so you can make sure it looks amazing throughout the year.